Grass-Fed, Grain-Fortified & Wagyu Beef

We source the best tasting, most sustainably produced beef.

Silver Fern Farms grass-fed Angus is 100% pasture-raised in New Zealand, perhaps the earth’s most pristine place. Irish Nature Beef is the most sustainable, humanely treated, grain-fed beef you can buy. Our Texas Wagyu has the intense marbling & exquisite tenderness Kobe-style beef is famous for.

80 Products
Grass-fed Wagyu Beef Burgers
18 burgers (8oz. each)
Grass-fed Beef Eye of Round
10 eye rounds (approximately 50 lbs.)
Grass-fed Beef Whole Striploin
4 striploins (approximately 37 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Beef Coulottes
15 culottes (approximately 40 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Beef Cheeks
3 packs (approximately 8 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Beef Bolar Blades
5 bolar blades (approximately 44 lbs.)
Grass-fed Beef Oxtails
Approximatley 12 pieces (about 35 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Beef Whole Flat Irons
12 flat irons (approximately 40 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Beef Boneless Short Ribs
6 pieces (approximately 40 lbs.)
Grass-fed Beef Hanging Tender
16 steaks (approximately 34 lbs.)
Grass-fed Beef Inner Skirt Steaks
20 skirt stekas (approximately 42 lbs.)
Wagyu Beef Sliders
80 sliders (10 lbs.)
Grain-Fortified Beef Bavette Steaks
Choice of sizes (approximately 10 lbs.)
Grain-Fortified Beef Filet Mignons
Choice of sizes (approximately 10 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Angus Beef Outside Skirts
30 skirts steaks (approximately 35 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Angus Beef Kansas City Strip Steaks
10 steaks (approximately 11 lbs.)
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Grass-Fed Angus Beef Eye of Round Roast
4 eye of round roasts (approximately 9 lbs.)
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Canoe-Cut Marrow Bones
Approximately 10 lbs.
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Wagyu Beef New York Strip Steaks
12 steaks (approximately 10 lbs.)
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Wagyu Beef Ribeye Steaks
14 steaks (approximately 10 lbs.)
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Grass-fed Beef Whole Bone-in Ribeyes
2 whole ribeyes (approximately 30 lbs.)
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Reserve Grass-Fed Striploins
4 striploins (approximately 35 lbs.)
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Reserve Grass-Fed Flat Irons
15 flat irons (approximately 31 lbs.)
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Ground Grass-fed Wagyu Beef
4 packs (12 lbs.)
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