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A tempting array of traditional charcuterie and deli items ranging from smoked and cured meats and fresh sausages to pates, mousses, rillettes, and confit.


Sausage Palooza

Why not plan an all-sausage mixed grill for your next get-together? Our 12-Variety Sausage Sampler makes it easy to pull off, especially if you are a fan of game meats like venison, wild boar, bison, elk, pheasant & duck. To make some classy condiments to pair with your sausages, check out our recipes for fruit-flavored mustards.

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Paté vs. Terrine

Do you know the difference between a paté and a terrine? A paté is a coarse or smooth paste made from meat, usually organ meat. It can stand alone or be one element layered into a terrine. A terrine is named for the loaf-shaped mold or pan in which it is cooked and may be composed of a variety of ingredients other than meat.

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Bacon Makes Everything Better

Especially when the bacon is from richly marbled heritage pork breeds like Red Duroc, Berkshire and Mangalitsa. Buy it by the slab or sliced.

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