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Chicken That Checks All the Boxes—That’s Shenandoah Valley Organic Chicken

- Free Range -
- Non-GMO Project Verified -
- Certified Humane -
- GAP Level 3 -
- Certified USDA Organic -
- All Vegetarian Diet -
- No Antibiotics or Hormones -
- Certified Gluten Free -

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Que ce qui se Magret?

So glad you asked. Magret refers to the breast of a Moulard duck, the species raised for foie gras. Moulard ducks have a thick layer of fat under the skin that renders as it cooks. The resulting duck fat bonanza can be used to fry other foods. May we suggest duck fat fried potatoes? You’re welcome.

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Basics of Bird Butchering

It can be more economical to buy a whole chicken or duck, instead of individual parts, provided you know how to cut up a whole bird. If not, check out our handy tutorial on how to fabricate poultry.

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