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There’s more to poultry than plain chicken & turkey – heritage chickens and game birds like duck, goose, and squab bring new flavors and sizes to your table.


Poussin: It’s Chicken, Little

Poussin is French for a very young chicken. It is to a fully grown fryer what veal is to beef -- prized for its delicate flavor and pale flesh. A whole poussin weighs about 1 lb.—a perfect individual serving. We sell whole and partially boned poussin, as well as poussin breasts.

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Putting Farmers First

Shenandoah Valley Organic raises the best chicken we’ve ever tasted, and their farmer focus is a big reason why. Learn more about SVO farmers.

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Itty Bitty Birds

Quail are the smallest of the game birds, less than half a pound each. To show how versatile quail can be, we’ve developed more than two dozen quail recipes. Make fun-size bites like fried lollipop quail legs or skewered BBQ quail breasts, or stuff semi-boneless whole quail for an elegant main dish.

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