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Get inspired by Marx Foods test kitchen chefs as they experiment with Lamb, Rabbit, Wild Boar, Venison, Quail, Organic Chicken & Iberico Pork.

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Marx Foods staffers are picky eaters in the best sense. What do they look forward to each season? Sauteing morel mushrooms in the spring. Roasting a whole goose in the fall. Grilling a grass-fed ribeye in the summer. Braising game meats in the winter.

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Grass-fed vs. Pasture-raised: What does it mean?

Grass-fed describes what an animal eats; pasture-raised describes where it eats. Animals that can roam freely and graze on green grass for their entire lives have the best of both worlds. The result: less stress, better overall welfare, and better tasting meat. That’s why we carry grass-fed, 100% pasture-raised Angus beef from New Zealand’s Silver Fern Farms.

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