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A Visit to Silver Fern Farms In New Zealand

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A Visit to Silver Fern Farms
In New Zealand

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We visit a lot of farms. Never have we looked at grazing herds of cattle and been so struck by the beauty of it all, but beautiful is exactly the word to describe the idyllic New Zealand countryside. Silver Fern Farms’ farmers inhabit this pastoral landscape raising clean, calm, healthy animals on ranches and venison farms that are truly massive.

Expansive pastures stretch as far as the eye can see. Herds dot the rolling hills against a backdrop of mountain ranges and rivers. Sometimes, to get the lay of the land, we’ve traveled by helicopter, as well as by jeep, at times fording rivers to catch up with a herd on the range at Silver Fern Farms in New Zealand.


New Zealand farmers are firmly rooted in agricultural heritage and tradition. They lead the world in producing top-quality, sustainable, humane meat. Ranchers care for their livestock and farmland the way that their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did, while implementing modern scientific methods and highly sophisticated quality grading and technical feedback systems to consistently improve every facet of their work for generations to come.

Every time we go behind the scenes and observe farmers at work, we gain a new appreciation for the never-ending complexity involved in raising the Silver Fern Farms meat we bring to you. Grass grows abundantly in New Zealand, but raising cattle is not just a matter of letting them out to graze. Silver Fern farmers are experts in breeding and genetics, microbial management, nutrition, sustainable land use, and even psychology. They’ve learned, for example, to reduce stress in their herds by not using dogs to drive the cattle and by respecting each herd’s established social hierarchies.

The qualities that consumers expect from meat—flavor, tenderness, texture—are ultimately a reflection of how an animal is raised. Silver Fern Farms goes above and beyond, one important reason why we truly believe this is the best beef you’ll ever eat.


For more than a decade, our relationship with Silver Fern Farms has proved incredibly rewarding because their values and commitments align with our own sourcing principles and standards. Personal responsibility to the land, the animals, and future generations matter to them. Their farmers see the synergies between profitability, animal welfare, and environmental stewardship as a sort of triple bottom line. Producing grass-fed, pasture-raised meat, free of sub-therapeutic antibiotics and growth hormones, using sustainable and humane methods, is not just a corporate initiative, but a way of life for Silver Fern farmers.

Every visit to Silver Fern Farms affirms our belief in their program. It’s hard to imagine there’s any other way to raise cattle. Success driven by this kind of passion and dedication to doing things right is truly beautiful.

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