Wholesale Veal

All natural, humanely raised, grain-fed veal. A varied, nutritious diet that incorporates grains contributes to the rosy hue and robust taste of Le Québécois French-style Canadian veal. Grain-feeding results in healthier animals, more vitamins and minerals in the meat, and subtle marbling that increases flavor and tenderness.

In addition to wholesale cuts of veal, we offer other specialty bulk meat, including beef, lamb, pork, and poultry.

22 Products
Grain-fed Veal Cutlets
Choose 2, 4 or 6oz. cutlets (approximately 10 lbs.)
$226 to $263
Grain-fed Veal Hindshank Osso Bucco
Choice of sizes (approximately 8 - 12 lbs.)
$199 to $249
Frenched Petite Veal Racks
Choice of sizes (approximately 23 lbs.)
Grain-fed Veal Racks
4 packs (approximately 28 lbs.)
Grain-fed Veal Frenched Rib Chops
10 chops (approximately 10 lbs.)
Grain-fed Veal Sweetbreads
9 packs (approximately 11 lbs.)
Grain-fed Veal Butt Tenders
10 pieces (about 13 lbs total)
Grain-fed Veal Boneless Striploins
2 striploins (approximately 11 lbs.)
Grain-fed Veal Top Rounds
2 top rounds (approximately 13 lbs.)
Grain-fed Veal Cheeks
2 packs (approximately 10 lbs.)
Veal Marrow Bones
approx. 25 lbs total
Grain-fed Veal Liver Slices
40 slices (approximately 10 lbs.)
Grain-fed Veal Whole Tenderloins
5 tenderloins (approximately 14 lbs.)
Grain-Fed Veal Porterhouse Chops
10 steaks (approximately 10 lbs.)
Grain-Fed Veal Tongue
Approximately 6.5 lbs.
Grain-Fed Veal Bones
Approximately 25 lbs.
Supreme Steakhouse Sampler
10 cuts (approximately 8.5 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Grain-Fed Veal Stew Meat
5 packs (approximately 11 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Grain-fed Veal Foreshank Osso Bucco
Choose 2" or 3" foreshanks (approximately 12 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Pure Veal Demi Glace
4 - 4lb tubs
Out of Stock
Grain-fed Veal Bone-in Short Ribs
Aproximately 14 lbs.
Out of Stock
Grain-Fed Veal Filet Mignon
32 steaks (approximately 8 lbs.)
Out of Stock