Farm Raised New Zealand Venison

Naturally lean & tender, venison is a classic game meat.

Pasture-raised and grass-fed in New Zealand, Silver Fern Farms Cervena Venison is quality graded for consistency and excellence. Farmed venison tastes cleaner and more consistent than wild venison. It is low in fat and cholesterol, and high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

14 Products
Game Meat Sampler
17 cuts (approximately 10 lbs.)
Venison Boneless Shoulder
2-3 shoulders (approximately 20 lbs.)
Venison Tenderloin
6 packs (approximately 12 lbs.)
Was $344 $295
Venison Flank Steaks
36-42 flank steaks (approximately 12 lbs.)
Was $266 $233
Venison Whole Loin
6 loins (approximately 24 lbs.)
Venison Boneless Denver Leg
1 leg (approximately 10 lbs.)
Venison 8-Rib Frenched Rack
4 racks (approximately 10 lbs.)
Venison Striploin
6 striploins (approximately 11 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Ground Venison
10 lbs. in 2 packs
Out of Stock
Venison Skewers
100 skewers (approximately 9.4 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Venison Osso Bucco
12 hindshanks (approximately 9 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Venison Stew Meat
2 packs (approximately 10 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Venison Burgers
48 burgers (12 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Venison Trim
approx. 52 lbs total
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