Wholesale Halal Meat

Our wholesale halal meat includes beef, lamb, and goat, as well as wholesale chicken and bulk quail meat.

10 Products
Organic Chicken Breasts
16 breasts (approximately 10 lbs.)
Organic Whole Chickens (Fryers)
6 birds (approximately 28 lbs.)
Organic Chicken Wings
Approximately 100 wings (about 10 lbs.)
6 Way Cut Goat
Approximately 30-35 lbs.
Ground Chicken
4 packs (10 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Organic Boneless Chicken Thighs
32 thighs (approximately 10 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Organic Chicken Tenderloins
8 packs (approximately 10 lbs.)
Out of Stock
French Poulet Rouge™ Chicken
6 chickens (approximately 18 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Bone-In Goat Legs
10 legs (approximately 22 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Whole Goat
approx. 25 pounds
Out of Stock