Certified halal meats are processed and packaged using utensils, equipment and/or machinery that have been cleansed in accordance with Islamic law.

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Frenched 8-Rib Grass-Fed Lamb Racks
20 or 24 racks, choice of sizes
Grass-Fed Lamb Tenderloins
72 tenderloins (approximately 13 lbs.)
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Grass-Fed Lamb Chump
64 lamb chump steaks (approximately 25 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Boneless Lamb Shoulders
12 shoulders (approximately 32 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Bone-In Lamb Legs
6 legs (approximately 28 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Lamb Foreshanks
24 shanks (approximately 21 lbs.)
Grass-Fed Lamb Trim
Approximately 60 lbs.)
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Suckling Lambs
2 lambs (approximately 28 lbs.)
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Grass-Fed Lamb Hindshanks
20 hindshanks (approximately 22 lbs)
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Grass-Fed Boneless Lamb Legs
8 legs (approximately 28 lbs.)
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Frenched 4-Rib Grass-Fed Lamb Racks
Choice of sizes (approximately 12 lbs.)
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Suckling Lamb Hind Leg
12 hind legs (approximately 30 lbs.)
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Suckling Lamb Whole Loins
9 loins (approximately 27 lbs.)
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