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Grass-Fed Lamb Hindshanks

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20 hindshanks (approximately 22 lbs) | Free Shipping

Lamb hindshanks are a more affordable bone-in cut that offers great flavor when slow-cooked (braised or roasted) until the meat becomes tender. Hindshanks are more highly prized than lower-cost foreshanks because they’re larger & meatier.

These shanks have been hand-cut through the joint rather than run through a band saw. This gives them a cleaner presentation and allows them to stand up on the plate (if desired).

Chef Ready
All cuts in the Ovation Chef Ready Lamb program are hand selected for top quality; immaculately trimmed for 100% yields (no trimming required before you cook them) and top notch presentation; and then weighed, piece by piece, to ensure exact adherence to advertised weight ranges.

It is common in other programs to weigh multi-piece packs and average the weight out for ranging purposes.  This means it is possible for large & small cuts to meet the weight range while being individually off specifications.  Ovation’s Chef Ready process ensures that every piece is consistently the right size.

Ovation lamb is 100% grass-fed & pasture raised free range in New Zealand.  No hormone or antibiotic growth promotants are ever used, and GMOs are illegal in New Zealand.  All cuts in this program are aged for 96 hours before blast freezing – longer than other lamb programs – in order to bring the lamb to the pinnacle of tenderness & flavor.

Grass-fed lamb is lower in saturated fat and higher in healthy vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain-fed lamb.


20 vacuum sealed hindshanks, each piece 16-18oz. (approximately 22 lbs.)


  • Bone-In
  • Hand-Cut Through the Joint
  • Heel On
  • Chef Ready
  • 100% Grass-Fed
  • No Hormone or Antibiotic Growth Promotants
  • GMO Seeds are Illegal in New Zealand
  • Aged 96-Hours
  • Certified Halal
  • Vacuum Packed
  • Frozen


New Zealand

Store Ovation lamb hindshanks in your freezer until you want to cook them, then thaw as many packs as you need.

Thawing Tips

Lamb shanks are best slow-cooked until tender – either slow roasted or seared & then braised in flavorful sauce.  To braise a lamb shank, first sear it on all sides to develop a flavorful crust and brown bits in the bottom of the pan (fond) that will add flavor to your braising liquid. Add a flavorful braising liquid and braise the shank in the oven at 300 degrees until the meat is extremely tender (around two hours).

Pair your lamb shanks with flavors like garlic, citrus (orange, lemon or preserved lemons), thyme, olives, onions, rosemary, cumin, or mint. We highly recommend serving them over mashed/smashed heirloom potatoes, creamy polenta, couscous, lentils, or beans (particularly flageolets or cannellini).

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Lamb Hindshanks

I can't tell you how much we have enjoyed this meat. I have served it several times when we are entertaining and it makes a VERY impressive meal! I season with salt and pepper and then sear in a large cast iron dutch oven that is has a small amount of olive oil in it. I remove from pot, and throw in thickly sliced onion and three or four large garlic cloves and saute long enough to wilt the onion. I return the shanks to the pot, sprinkle with rosemary and a bit more salt, cover the pot and place in a 250 degree oven for about 4 hours. The juices of the lamb along with the "melted" onion and garlic make an amazing sauce. I place a shank on creamy mashed potatoes (on each plate) and spoon the sauce over it! It it fabulous!!!!