Grass-Fed Lamb from New Zealand

Grass-Fed Lamb Tenderloins

12 packs (approximately 13 lbs.)
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12 vacuum sealed packs, 6 pieces per pack (approximately 13 lbs.)


  • Cleaned to Silver Skin
  • Side Muscle Off
  • 100% Grass-Fed
  • Pasture Raised Free Range
  • No Hormone or Antibiotic Growth Promotants
  • GMOs are Illegal in New Zealand
  • Aged 96-Hours
  • Certified Halal
  • Vacuum Packed
  • Frozen


New Zealand


Lamb tenderloins are small portions of meat (each around 3oz) that are the most tender on the entire animal. While tenderloins from larger animals are easily their most prized cuts, lamb tenderloins’ small size & very thin shape makes them much less common than racks on restaurant menus.

However, don’t let chefs’ preference for racks sell tenderloins short. These same characteristics make them extremely quick cooking and perfectly suited to appetizers, light entrees, and salads.

Ovation lamb is 100% grass-fed & pasture raised free range in New Zealand. No hormone or antibiotic growth promotants are ever used, and GMOs are illegal in New Zealand. All cuts in this program are aged for 96 hours before blast freezing – longer than other lamb programs – in order to bring the lamb to the pinnacle of tenderness & flavor.

Grass-fed lamb is lower in saturated fat and higher in healthy vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than grain-fed lamb.


Store Ovation lamb tenderloins in your freezer until you’re ready to use them, then thaw as many packs as you need.

Thawing Tips


Lamb tenderloins cook very quickly and can be served whole or sliced into medallions. Their milder lamb flavor makes them a good choice for sauced or rubbed applications. Their small size makes them an excellent choice for light entrees, salads, and appetizers.

Lamb pairs well with flavors like garlic, citrus (orange, lemon or preserved lemons), thyme, olives, onions, rosemary, cumin, spinach, curry spices, peas and/or mint.

Lamb Recipes

Recommended Cooking Temps:
Rare - 135°
Medium Rare - 140°-150°
Medium - 140°-145°
Medium Well - 160°
Well Done - 165° and above

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