Smoked Arbequina Olive Oil

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This olive oil has been pressed from arbequina olives grown in Andalusia’s Guadalquivir Valley, then delicately smoked over organic oak, beech and birch wood for two hours. 

The resulting golden oil features the classic bitter yet buttery flavor of arbequina olive oil smoothed by the delightful aroma and flavor of smoke.  The oak wood used imparts a smoother, more complex smoke flavor with undertones of vanilla, caramel & toffee.

This oil’s smoke flavor is neither weak nor overpowering.  It’s the perfect finishing touch for grilled meats, poultry or vegetables, soups and more.

Castillo de Canena has been producing exceptional olive oils in southern Spain’s Guadalquivir Valley of Andalusia since 1780.


Store smoked olive oil in a cool, dark place.


Use smoked arbequina olive oil as a finishing touch for a huge variety of dishes.  It's particularly good drizzled to taste over grilled meats, poultry or vegetables to add richness & moisture while accentuating their grilled flavor.

(especially those featuring tomatoes, beans, peas, or lentils).  Drizzle a little bit into a bowl of hot soup just before you eat it.

Try using smoked olive oil in homemade vinaigrettes to bring smokiness to your salads.  It's a particularly good pairing with spinach greens and/or tomatoes.

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