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Our produce selection spans heirloom vegetables, unusual fruits, foraged foods, fresh herbs, microgreens, edible flowers, and other unique flavor and presentation enhancers.


Petal Pusher

Edible flowers rank among the most beautiful ways to garnish a plate. We stock dozens of colorful buds, blossoms & blooms -- so many that we created an Edible Flower Guide to help you sort which are best for your needs, along with this Artist’s Guide to Garnishing with Flowers. So, gather ye rosebuds –or dahlias, daisies, orchids & more - while ye may.

Shrivel Those ‘Shrooms

Wild mushrooms are among the most ephemeral of foods. Their shelf life is only about 10 days when fresh. If you buy mushrooms in bulk, dehydrating or freezing them extends their usefulness. See our Guide to Storing & Preserving Mushrooms for tips on conserving delicate mushrooms like chanterelles, black trumpet, and hedgehog mushrooms, as well as sturdier matsutake and lobster mushrooms.

Teeny Weeny Greens

Microgreens are the shoots and seedlings of herbs and vegetables. Despite their small size and delicate structure, microgreens carry nutritional heft, and their flavor can be intense. We sell more than five dozen varieties of microgreens, among them micro wasabi, micro basil, micro pea tendrils and micro popcorn shoots.