Atlantic & Mediterranean Seafood

Exceptional Atlantic & Mediterranean seafood imported from Spain.

Our catch includes octopus, squid, langoustine, hand-cut fish fillets, and more. All our seafood is sustainably caught, processed immediately, and blast frozen to maintain the highest quality.

12 Products
Langoustine (Norway Lobster)
3 sizes (approximately 13-15 lbs.)
$223 to $297
Icelandic Cod Loin
Approximately 12 packs (about 22 lbs.)
Spanish Squid
Approximately 30 packs (about 16 lbs.)
Spanish Huelva Sardine Fillet
Approximately 13 packs (about 23 lbs.)
Was $299 $279
5 packs (approximately 18 lbs.)
Whole Octopus
choice of sizes (approximately 28 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Spanish Swordfish Steak
Approximately 8 packs (about 11.5 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Spanish Almadraba Bluefin Tuna Belly Steak (Ventresca)
Approximately 9 packs (about 9 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Atlantic Dover Sole Fillet
Approximately 16 packs (about 20 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Spanish Almadraba Bluefin Tuna Loin Steak
Approximately 9 packs (about 12 lbs.)
Out of Stock
Whole Sardines
approx. 14 lbs total
Out of Stock
Flower Octopus
3 sizes (approximately 18-22 lbs.)
Out of Stock