Juniper Berries

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Despite their name, juniper “berries” are actually seed cones from the juniper tree that have been dried. Perhaps most well known for their use flavoring gin, juniper berries also pair exceptionally well with game meats as their spicy pine flavor evokes the forest.

In addition to their culinary uses, juniper berries are also believed to have medicinal and spiritual applications. They are thought to stimulate appetite, invigorate the body when soaked in the bath (the Greeks used them to increase stamina in Olympic athletes), and keep away evil spirits.

These juniper berries are primarily harvested from the mountains of Bulgaria, often within the Dobroslavtzi region.


Store juniper berries in their jar in a cool, dark cupboard. Grinding whole spices will shorten their shelf life. This is particularly true of juniper berries, so grind only as much as you need for a particular recipe, leaving the rest whole for later.


Add juniper berries to marinades (especially for venison, wild boar, Kurobuta pork, and duck) either whole or crushed. They can also be used in soups.

In addition to meat & poultry, juniper berries also pair well with herbs with resinous qualities like sage, bay leaves and thyme.

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