Dried Enoki Mushrooms

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Enoki mushrooms (aka velvet stems, snow puffs, golden needles, enokidake) are long, thin white mushrooms with tiny caps. They have a crisp, almost crunchy texture and a mild, sweet, slightly fruity flavor. They contain guanylate, an umami-increasing compound that is released into the broth when they’re added to soups, stews and other simmered dishes.

Enokis are a good source of vitamins B1, B2 and E and may help improve circulatory system health.


Store dried enoki mushrooms in an air-tight container in a cool, dry place.


Dried enoki mushrooms can be rehydrated by soaking them in boiling water until tender (How to Reconstitute Dried Mushrooms). They can also be added to soups or braises to rehydrate during the cooking process.

After rehydrating, trim down any stems that are particularly tough or combine into a clump.

Enoki mushrooms are commonly used in one pot (nabe) dishes in Japan, and are a great addition to soup. Rehydrated enokis can also be tossed in salad or stir fry dishes.

Ingredients commonly paired with enoki mushrooms are soy sauce, mirin, dashi broth, ginger, rice wine vinegar, sea vegetables, garlic, miso, tofu, onions, green onions (especially negi – Japanese bunching onions), beef, pork, and duck.

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