Iberico Pork Fat Back

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Back fat (aka Iberico fat back) is creamy, sweet fat from the belly of the hog.  It can be used in a variety of applications: sausage making, making rillettes, barding (wrapping lean meat or poultry in fat to keep it moist during cooking), or curing to produce lardo, an Italian delicacy.

Iberico back fat offers a significant flavor upgrade over conventional pork back fat.

Iberico pork is a Spanish culinary treasure, amongst the finest pork in the world.  While iberico is best known for the famous slow-aged hams, the other cuts are succulent, moist & delicious.  This iberico pork is raised free range on traditional Spanish pastures known as dehesas.  It’s fed a natural diet of grain, corn, wheat, grass & forage.  No added growth hormones or sub-therapeutic antibiotics are ever used.

Iberico pork raised in this way is considered “Campo Iberian Pork” under Spanish law, a term which requires that the animals are raised in the open air on an all-natural cereal-based diet.

* Minimally Processed, No Chemical Ingredients


4 vacuum sealed packs (approximately 17lbs.)


  • Pasture Raised Free Range
  • Campo Iberian Pork
  • 100% Natural*
  • No Added Growth Hormones
  • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
  • Frozen



Keep iberico pork fat frozen until you need it, then thaw before cooking.

Thawing Tips

Iberico pork back fat can be thinly sliced & used to bard leaner meats (like game meats) to keep them moist during cooking.

Rendering into Lard
Rendering back fat into lard isn't difficult, but it does take time.  Cut a generous quantity of the fat into 1/2" pieces.  Put the pieces in a small pot with a quarter cup of water.  Cook the fat over medium-low heat for a few hours, until the fat has rendered out of the pieces, leaving them golden & crispy.

Pour the rendered fat through a double layer of cheese cloth to strain out the solids.  Move the fat to your refrigerator to chill until it solidifies into opaque, soft lard.

Once rendered, Iberico lard can be used in recipes as you would conventional lard.  It's great in biscuits!

Back fat can also be marinated & cured to produce lardo, an Italian delicacy often served as an appetizer (antipasto).

Made from pork slow-cooked in melted fat until it falls apart into shreds, rillettes are a delicious French appetizer & addition to charcuterie plates.  Rendering Iberico back fat to make rillettes would be a serious upgrade.


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