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Veal demi-glace is a tremendously flavorful liquid used by professional chefs to bring robust veal flavor and a luxurious mouth feel to soups, sauces, braising liquids and other recipes. Either as demi-glace or diluted into brown veal stock it is an essential base ingredient in classical French and fine dining cuisine.

This demi glace is made by reducing traditionally made brown veal stock by 2/3rds, concentrating its flavor. The stock is made from a high-gelatin blend of all natural* Le Québécois grain-fed veal bones, water, vegetables (carrots, onions, celery & leeks), tomato paste & herbs.

Unlike most alternative products on the market, this demi-glace contains no gluten, no flour, no added salt, no trans-fats, no preservatives, and no stabilizers. It is used by chefs in fine-dining restaurants who would otherwise insist on making their own, so you can be sure of its quality and clean flavor.

Making veal demi glace from scratch can take days. One must first roast the veal bones until browned and add them to vegetables and a lot of water in a large stock pot. The next step is to simmer the mixture overnight to make veal stock, then strain out all the solids. This stock must then be slowly and carefully reduced into rich, thick demi glace. This pre-made demi-glace is made for you in exactly the same way, and is ready to use as soon as you thaw it.

Ingredients: Le Québécois Veal, Water, Carrots, Onions, Celery, Tomato Paste (Tomatoes, Salt, Citric Acid), Leeks, Bay Leaf.

*Minimally Processed. No Artificial Ingredients


Four, 4lb Tubs


  • Made from Grain-Fed All Natural* Veal
  • Gluten Free
  • Frozen


Store veal demi glace in its tub in your freezer until the first time you’re ready to use it. Once thawed it can be kept in the refrigerator or refrozen in ice cube trays for later use.

Shelf Life:

Up to a week once thawed.

You can use veal demi glace in recipes that call for demi glace or dilute it (adding 2 parts water to 1 part demi) into pure brown veal stock.

Demi glace adds rich veal flavor to soups and sauces. Diluted into veal stock, it’s a flavorful base for braising liquids, stews, and soups. Try using it instead of water in any recipe where you want to impart extra flavor and color.

Demi Glace Sauce Recipes (on Le Québécois Veal website)

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