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Whole Cooked Dungeness Crabs

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A prized delicacy of the west coast of the United States, Dungeness crabs offer large lumps of tender, sweet, feather-light body meat and a smaller amount of slightly firmer leg meat. Because Dungeness crab is extremely perishable when raw, these crabs have been brought to the dock live and then pre-cooked prior to shipment.

They can be served whole (either hot or cold) with a crab cracker and drawn butter, or cracked and their meat removed for use in salads, sandwiches, crab cakes, and a multitude of other dishes.

To ensure a sustainable fishery and prevent over-harvesting, only male Dungeness crabs are caught.


5-6 crabs, approximately 1.5-2 lbs. each (about 10 lbs.)


  • Cooked
  • Shell On
  • Wild
  • Frozen or Previously Frozen (Depending on Availability)


Alaska: mid June-September
Washington and Oregon: December-August
Canada: Year-round, particularly May, June, September and October.


Off the coast of Alaska, Canada, California, Oregon, or Washington (Depending on Season)


Store whole crabs in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Up to 5 days.



These Dungeness crabs arrive pre-cooked. As such they are ready to be cracked and cleaned for serving cold or reheated (we recommend reheating either the removed meat or cracked half-crabs for best results).

Cold crab meat can be tossed in salads (often with a creamy dressing or citrus or mustard vinaigrette) or blended with mayonnaise or aioli and herbs, chili powders, or spices for use as a sandwich filling (traditionally served on soft rolls).  Crab meat to be served hot can be used in crab cakes, dips, soups, casseroles, ravioli, wontons or squash blossom fillings.

When in doubt, simply reheat it by itself and serve with drawn (melted) butter for a simple, delectable treat.

The sweetness of Dungeness crab pairs well with a huge variety of ingredients in both hot and cold dishes. Fresh herbs (chives, cilantro, lemongrass, shiso, dill, tarragon), creamy dairy (butter, mayonnaise, cream, crème fraiche), sour ingredients (pineapples, oranges, lemons, limes, yuzu, vinegar), and spicy elements (chile peppers, paprika, cayenne, curry powder, ginger, mustard, garlic) all compliment or accent its flavor nicely and can be used in different combinations.

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