Softshell Blue Crabs

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Softshell crabs are blue crabs that have just shed their old shell and are in the process of developing a new, larger shell. If harvested at just the right moment, their new shells are paper thin and tender enough to eat.  Many people consider softshells to be the best way to eat blue crabs, because they believe the just-molted period to be the time when the crab’s flavor is at its best.

Once softshell crabs have been cleaned of their gills, aprons and heads, they can be cooked and consumed whole.

Softshell crabs are available in two sizes:
Large (Jumbo)           Approx. 4.5oz each, 5”-5 ½” long tip to tip
Medium (Prime)         Approx. 3.3oz each, 4 ½”-5” long tip to tip


Choose 2 doz. Large or 3 doz. Medium Crabs


  • Frozen

Store softshell crabs in your freezer until you need them, then thaw.

Thawing Tips

Softshell crabs need to be thawed and cleaned prior to cooking.

How to Clean Softshell Crabs

Once cleaned, they can be sautéed or deep fried and eaten whole.

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