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Yuzu (aka Japanese Lemon, Japanese Citrus) is a unique citrus fruit originally from Japan. Offering a complex lemon-lime-grapefruit-esque flavor, yuzus are prized for both their potent juice and fragrant zest.

Equally at home in sweet and savory dishes, yuzus are also great in beverage and cocktail recipes.


Approximately 10 lbs.


November - January



Shipping Limitations:

Might need up to 4 days lead time before shipping.


Store fresh yuzu wrapped in plastic in your refrigerator. For long term storage of leftovers, freeze the juice and zest.

Shelf Life:

Up to one week.

Flavor Pairings: The flavor and aroma of yuzu pairs particularly well with honey, garlic, soy sauce, Kobe beef, black, oolong or green tea, gin or vodka, mango, orange, ginger, seafood (particularly scallops and sweeter fish), tofu, miso, mirin (sweet sake), and matsutake mushrooms.

Yuzu Zest:
When cooking with the yuzu’s zest, first scrub the surface of the fruit thoroughly with hot soapy water (the uneven surface can trap dirt).

If using the zest fresh, use a microplane grater or strip grater to remove the zest from the surface of the fruit with as little pith as possible. Fresh yuzu zest can be used in baked goods, as a garnish, blended with chile peppers to make yuzu kosho, or added to savory dishes and sauces (most notably yuzu ponzu).

Candying Citrus Zest Tutorial – yuzu zest can also be candied similarly to other citrus for use as a dessert ingredient or garnish.

Yuzu Juice:
Yuzu juice is acidic and should be used similarly to lemon or lime juice rather than sweeter citrus varieties. It can be used to make delicious cocktails & nonalcoholic beverages, ice cream, salad dressings, marinades, ceviche, and a multitude of other dishes.

Citrus Fruit Recipes

Non-Culinary Use:
In winter time, many people in Japan enjoy a traditional yuzu bath called a yuzu-yu. To try a yuzu-yu at home, fill your bathtub with very hot (but still safe) water and float a few whole yuzu fruits in it. Ideally the tub should be as full as possible without overflowing when you get into it.

A yuzu bath is meant for soaking rather than washing. Just lay back, relax, and let the combination of the hot water and delightful yuzu fragrance ease sore muscles and stressed nerves.

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