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Choose 50 or 100 green or purple leaves


  • Greenhouse Grown
  • Freshly cut & cleaned
  • 2-3" in Diameter
  • No Chemical Pesticides


Available year round


New York


Shiso leaves (aka perilla, Japanese basil, beefsteak plant, ooba, ohba, rattlesnake weed) play an essential role in Japanese cuisine, but are also consumed elsewhere in Asia.  Green shiso evokes basil, fennel & mint while purple shiso tastes like a mix of cumin, ginger, and cinnamon.  They are prized not only for their flavor but for their beautiful shine & complex shape.

Purple shiso leaves (aka purple mint) are commonly grown with heavy use of pesticides elsewhere in the world, but this purple shiso has instead been grown in greenhouses using complimentary insects to consume & drive away any pests that might threaten them.



Shiso leaves should be kept refrigerated in their clamshell container in your crisper.

For long term storage, extra shiso leaves can be frozen, which will darken their color and make them go limp, but preserve their flavor. They can also be layer packed in salt and kept in the refrigerator. Try using salted shiso as a substitute for nori.

Shelf Life:

Up to five days fresh.


Shiso leaves pair very well with soy based sauces and dressings. In Japan they are a traditional accompaniment to raw fish (particularly sashimi), used in salads, or fried as tempura.

Shiso leaves can also be pickled (how to quick pickle).

Purple shiso can be soaked in acidic liquids you're going to cook with, such as vinegar, white wine, or acidic citrus juices (lemon or yuzu juice) in order to give them a purple color.

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