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18 burger patties (9 lbs.) | Free Shipping
Level up your backyard barbecues with wagyu burger patties. Because of its higher fat content (75% fat/25% lean) wagyu burgers are juicy and more flavorful than other beef.

Wagyu beef (aka “Kobe” beef) is from a breed that originated in the Kobe region of Japan. This beef is produced by Wagyu Excellente, the largest privately held Texas ranch group dedicated to producing wagyu, which is specially bred to increase its percentage of fat marbling to consistently high levels. More marbling leads to more flavor, tenderness, and moisture as the fat melts during the cooking process. Wagyu beef is a great source of Omega-3 and other fatty acids high in oleic and other cholesterol-reducing fat.

Made with 100% wagyu beef raised in Texas, these burger patties are processed in the U.S. by Crown Range Meats, a company that does not compromise on animal welfare and quality, ensuring you receive consistent, robustly flavored, healthy ground beef.

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18 vacuum sealed packs, 2 burgers per pack, 8oz. each (approximately 9 lbs.)                    



  • Frozen
  • 75%/25% lean
  • Original genetics from 100% Black Tajima bulls
  • Holistic livestock management & stock rotation grazing practices
  • Natural feed regimen is 100% vegetable-based
  • No growth promoting antibiotics or hormones added      





Store frozen ground wagyu beef in your freezer until you're ready to use it, then thaw only as much as you plan on cooking.

Thawing Tips

Cook wagyu beef burgers as you would conventional burgers and top them with whatever you want! They can also be broken up to use as ground beef in recipes or refashioned into smaller sliders.

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