Heritage Pork

Red Duroc, Kurobuta, Mangalitsa, and Spain’s highly esteemed Iberico are among the world’s finest pork. Bred with flavor foremost in mind, their natural marbling sets them apart from conventional pork.

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Iberico Pork Bellies
4 bellies (approximately 20 lbs.)
Kurobuta Pork Hams
4 half hams (approximately 30 lbs.)
Kurobuta Pork Bellies
4 bellies (approximately 41 lbs.)
Beeler’s Pure Pork Belly
4 packs (approximately 44 lbs.)
Beeler’s Pure Pork Ham Steak
20 steaks (7.5 lbs. total)
Out of Stock
Boneless Bellota Iberico Ham
Approximately 10 - 13 lbs.
Special Order Only - Please Call
Bone-In Bellota Iberico Ham
1 ham (approximately 16 - 20 lbs.)
Special Order Only - Please Call
Mangalitsa Belly Slices
Approximately 27 lbs.
Out of Stock