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Kurobuta Pork Tomahawk Racks

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Pork roasts don’t get much more impressive than Kurobuta tomahawk racks. These rib racks have had their bones left long-cut and frenched for a beautiful presentation.

Because they’ve had their chine & featherbones already removed, they are also very easy to slice between the bones into individual chops.

Kurobuta Pork is an internationally famous breed of pork from England (and later Japan) known for its intense marbling and tenderness. Also known as Berkshire Pork, its texture is supple and juicy. Its flavor has richness and depth.

Not all Kurobuta pork on the market is bred from 100% Berkshire hogs, potentially diluting its superior eating characteristics. This pork has 100% Berkshire breed verified genetics and is raised on family farms.


2 individually vacuum sealed racks (approximately 11 lbs.)


  • 8-Bone
  • Frenched
  • Cap Off
  • Bone In
  • Chine & Feather Bone Removed
  • 100% Verified Berkshire Breed
  • No Growth Hormones
  • No Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotics
  • Individually Vacuum Packed
  • Frozen


Midwest, US

Store Kurobuta tomahawk racks in your freezer until you need them, then thaw as many as you want to cook.

Thawing Tips

Kurobuta tomahawk racks are an impressive centerpiece when roasted whole, however they can also be sliced into individual tomahawk chops for fast grilling or searing. The chine bone has been removed, so all you need to do is slice them between the bones.

Kurobuta pork is reliably more moist than conventional pork, but you can infuse it with extra flavor and even more moisture by brining it prior to cooking.

How to Brine Meat

To keep the bones white, use a boning knife to scrape off remaining bits of meat & tissue that cling to them, then wrap the exposed bone with foil while roasting.

For the best results when roasting, remove the rack a few degrees short of your preferred internal temperature (it will continue to carryover cook). Let it rest at least 20 minutes before slicing to help keep the flavorful juices from running out onto the cutting board.

Recommended Internal Temp: 145°

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