Kurobuta (Berkshire) Pork

Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin

10 pieces (about 13 lbs total)
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10 Tenderloins (Approx. 13lbs Total)


  • 100% Verified Berkshire Breed
  • Hormone Free
  • Sub-Therapeutic Antibiotic Free
  • Individually Vacuum Packed
  • Frozen


Midwest, US


Kurobuta pork tenderloins are tasty, tender & remarkably easy to cook. This cut of meat comes from the back of the hog and has a more mild flavor.

Kurobuta pork (aka Berkshire pork) is from a rare breed of pig that has long been bred in England and Japan for flavor and more marbled meat. The result is some of the finest pork in the world, sometimes referred to as "The Kobe Beef of Pork."


Store Kurobuta tenderloins in your freezer until you're ready to use them.

Thawing Tips


Kurobuta tenderloins can be roasted whole, seared in a hot pan, or cut into medallions for sauteing quickly. They can be cooked and seasoned as you would conventional pork, although their flavor will be more intense.

Pork Recipes

Recommended Cooking Temp:
145°F with at least a 3 minute rest before consumption.

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