Spanish Limes (Genips)

Approximately 25 lbs.
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Approximately 25 lbs.



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Spanish Limes (Melicoccus bijugatusaka Quenepa, Genips, Wayas, Mamoncillos) are, despite their name, not a citrus fruit. Though they look a bit like small limes from the outside, they actually in the same family as lychees, longans and rambutans. Inside their thin, taut green skin is a large seed (or, rarely two seeds) tightly surrounded by pink/yellow, translucent, creamy, sweet-tart pulp.

Spanish limes range in weight from .3 to .8 ounces.


Store Spanish Limes at room temperature or in your refrigerator for up to a few days.


Genips are most commonly peeled (with the teeth or fingernails) and the seeds sucked to remove and consume their fruit. Their essence can also be extracted by simmering the peeled fruit in water or simple syrup or slow-infusing it into alcohol. They can also be used to produce jams.

While many people discard the seeds after eating the fruit, they can also be roasted and eaten.

Take care when eating or cooking with genip/quenepa fruit, as their juice can permanently stain clothing brown.

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