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Limequats are an unusual hybrid of kumquats and key limes with sweet lime-flavored peel and very sour juice  Though completely edible, they are often cooked or juiced instead of eaten whole & raw.


Approximately 10 lbs.


Early-Late March


  • Yellowish variety



Store limequats in your refrigerator.

Because they are so tart, limequats are rarely eaten raw by themselves, but are instead juiced for use as an ingredient (try them in syrups, ice creams, pie fillings & curds), candied, or turned into marmalades, chutneys and other preserves.

Sections of limequats can be added to fruit salads, where they will balance the sweetness of the other fruits. Limequat juice & syrup are particularly good in cocktail recipes used as you would lemon or lime juices & syrups.

Simple Syrup Recipe

Cocktail Recipes

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