Fresh Rambutans

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Rambutans (aka hairy lychees) are a close relative to the lychee nut. Although they are larger, they offer a similar firm, grapelike texture and strawberry-grape flavor. Some people feel they’re less tart, others consider them to be slightly more tart, with the disparity likely due to the level of rambutan ripeness they prefer and the characteristics of that year’s crop.

Rambutan’s most exciting characteristic is their furry outer skin, which makes them look like fresh lychees’ punk-rock brother.

Note: This product has been irradiated to protect against microbes and disease.


Approximately 16 rambutans per lb. (about 5 lbs.)


Spring - Fall


Mexico, Hawaii, Asia, Guatemala, or Pacific Rim, depending on availability


Whole rambutans can be briefly stored at room temperature, but will last longer in the refrigerator wrapped in a plastic bag. The sooner you eat them the more moist they'll be.

Rambutans' "hairs" may begin to turn black as the fruit loses moisture, but that doesn't necessarily mean the inner fruit is no longer tasty…you'll have to cut or tear one open to check.

Shelf Life:

Up to two days at room temperature, up to twelve days refrigerated.

Rambutans need to be peeled and separated from their seeds before consumption. Often eaten raw & chilled like lychees (either by themselves or in fruit salads), they can also be stewed with sugar or used in preserves.

Try pairing rambutans with smoked meats for an exotic but tasty combination.

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