Popcorn Shoots

4 - 16 oz
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Popcorn shoots (aka popcorn microgreens) look a bit like tender, long, bright yellow grass. This yellow color is due to being grown in special dark greenhouses, where preventing the plants from photosynthesizing keeps them from developing green chlorophyll (not unlike white asparagus).

Popcorn shoots are grown from a particular variety of popcorn kernels, and have a rather sweet corn flavor with a slightly-sour, grassy finish evoking wheatgrass.  Their texture is moist yet crunchy, almost like bean sprouts.



Store popcorn shoots in your refrigerator, well wrapped in an opaque covering to protect them from light.

Shelf Life:

Up to ten days.


Popcorn shoots’ bright color and clean, potent flavor makes them an great garnish for any dish or platter where a burst of yellow and sweetness would be welcome. They can also be tossed in salads with other greens.

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