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Microgreen samplers provide a range of microgreen varieties within one order.  All the microgreens in each sampler are in separate labelled clamshells for your convenience. 

The contents of the microgreen samplers are:

Basil Sampler: (9oz total)

3oz each of Italian Basil, Lemon Basil, and Opal Basil.

Asian Sampler: (1lb total)

4oz each of Cilantro, Mizuna, Pok Choy, and Kohlrabi.

Basics Sampler: (14oz total)

4oz each of Cilantro, Italian Basil, Arugula, and Celery.

Spicy Sampler: (1lb total)

4oz each of Arugula, Daikon, Curly Pepper Cress and Red Mustard.



Microgreens should be kept in their plastic clamshell in the fridge until you are ready to use them.

Shelf Life:

Generally between 5-7 days.


Microgreens are a classic fine-dining garnish, but they can also be tossed with other ingredients to make a microgreen salad.

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