Pea-Wee Greens™

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Pea-Wee Greens™ are a special new pea tendril variety carefully bred for tender leaflets and thick, succulent stems – giving them a tree-like shape that looks great on the plate. Their flavor is excellent too – the sweet, nutty taste of spring peas.

This special variety of pea tendril was developed by Dr. Calvin Lamborn – a pioneer in developing new pea breeds who created the modern sugarsnap pea everyone loves.



Store Pea-Wee Greens in their plastic clamshell in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

7-10 days.


Pea-Wee Greens™ can be served raw or very briefly blanched in boiling water for about 2 seconds. A brief blanch brings out the full intensity of their color and flavor, without actually cooking them.

Either way, Pea-Wee Greens™ make a great garnish for all manner of soups, salads & proteins – especially those that pair well with pea flavor.

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