Fresh Micro Flowers Blend™

800 pieces (in 4 clamshells)
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While the premium flowers assortment is designed to offer a collection of the biggest edible flowers we offer, suitable for use individually to draw the eye, micro flowers are a great choice for those looking to either add just a touch of color to their plates, or use multiple small blossoms. 

Each of these flowers is no larger than a quarter (many are about the size of a dime).

The flavor of the microflower blend varies with the flowers that are included in it. While it is safe to eat, bitter varieties are often included, so we recommend using the blossoms as a decoration rather than an ingredient or edible garnish.

Edible Flowers Generally* in the Microflower Blend:


Sun Daisy


White Mum

Bachelor's Button


* The above list is representative of edible mini-flowers included in the microflower blend, but the actual contents fluctuate slightly with the seasons, ensuring that you are always receiving the freshest, most beautiful micro-blossoms possible.



Keep edible microflowers in their plastic clamshells in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. If they start to droop a little bit, try dipping them in cool water to refresh them.

Shelf Life:

4-5 days.


Use the micro flower blend as a decoration for plates, platters, banquets, place settings, saucers, etc.

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