Fresh Flower Assortment

400 - 600 pieces (in 4 packs)
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This edible flower assortment contains a blend of larger flower blossoms. Perfect for garnishing individual plates or platters of food, these gorgeous food-safe flowers will allow you to easily take your presentation to the next level. Each of these flowers is no larger than three inches in diameter.

The flavor of the edible flower assortment varies with the flowers that are included in it. While it is safe to eat, bitter varieties can be included, so we recommend using the blossoms as a decoration rather than an ingredient or edible garnish.

Edible Flowers Generally* in the Flower Assortment:


Batchelor's Buttons




Snap Dragons 

* Though the above flowers are usually represented in the assortment year round, other varieties may be included as well depending on the season.



Keep these edible flowers in their plastic clamshells in the refrigerator until you are ready to use them. If they start to droop a little bit, try briefly dipping them in cool water to refresh them.

Shelf Life:

4-5 days.


Use the edible flower blend as a decoration for plates, platters, banquets, place settings, saucers, etc.

These flowers can be used to bring vibrant color to cakes, but should usually be removed before slices are served

To add a little shine and extra flavor, some varieties can be candied.

How to Candy Flowers

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