Fresh Edible Pansies & Orchids Sampler

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This sampler contains the following edible flowers:

50 Karma Orchids

50 Pansies

100 Micro Orchids™

The karma orchids are all white & purple, while the edible pansies and micro orchids are sold as mixed-color blends.



Store these edible flowers in their plastic clamshells in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Karma Orchids: 4-5 days.

4-5 days.

Micro Orchids
: 4-5 days.


Karma orchids are crisp, big, bright and colorful.  They can be candied, used to top cakes or garnish all manner of dishes.

Pansies can be used as a garnish (candied or fresh) or an ingredient to add color to recipes like cocktails and sorbets.

Micro orchids made a colorful, dainty garnish for desserts and fruit dishes.  They can also be tossed in salads to add color.

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