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Australian Black Winter Truffles

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The black Perigord winter truffle (Tuber Melanosporum) is considered by chefs and gourmands the world over to be the finest black truffle available, making them one of the most highly prized foods in the world. They can be distinguished from other black truffle varieties by their interior appearance - white veins running through black flesh. They are intensely aromatic with superb depth of flavor.

These truffles are a winter delicacy, but black winter truffles are now being cultivated in Australia from European spores. Because the Australian winter corresponds with summer in Europe & the US, this means that you can now enjoy real fresh black winter truffles in the midst of summer!

Because they’re the same variety as European perigords, they can be used similarly in all recipes.

When figuring out how many ounces of fresh European truffles to buy, we usually recommend a serving size of 5-7 grams of fresh truffle per dish per person (that's roughly 4-5 servings per ounce).


Approximately 20-25 grams per truffle (about 4oz.)


  • Farmed


Mid-June to mid-August




How to Store Fresh Truffles - also includes long-term preservation tips.

Shelf Life:

3-4 days.

Fresh black winter truffles are perfect for sauces and risottos, but will elevate almost any dish involving cheese, eggs, or cream to legendary heights. Omelets, mashed potatoes, even pizza shine when fresh truffles are added as a finishing touch.

Many modern American chefs feel that fresh truffles should never be cooked, and instead only used as a finishing ingredient. However, in the past black truffles were cooked more commonly –in France they have traditionally used black truffles to enhance the natural flavors of heritage chickens and roasted meats. They butter truffle slices and slide them under poultry skin or insert them into slits cut into meat prior to roasting

We recommend using a truffle slicer when cooking with fresh truffles, as the thin shavings it produces will maximize the amount of flavor you get from each truffle. However, you can also use a fine grater, microplane or very sharp knife.

We usually recommend a serving size of 5-7 grams of fresh truffle per dish per person (roughly 4-5 servings per ounce).

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