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Fresh Black Oregon Truffles

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Oregon black truffles (Leucangium Carthusianum) are slightly larger and less common than Oregon white truffles. They have a pungent, musky-earthy-pineapple aroma and flavor.

Oregon black truffles are most commonly found amongst the roots of Douglas fir trees that are twelve or more years old. Nestled 6-12 inches beneath the layer of needles that collects under each tree, the truffles enjoy a symbiotic relationship with their trees and (if carefully harvested) reappear in the same place year after year. Our expert foragers return to the same secret patches every year to harvest these wild delicacies.

Oregon truffles do not have the same quality, depth or complexity of flavor that their European counterparts do. They are however a far more economical alternative and a good choice for those seeking to try fresh truffles for the first time.




  • Wild


Mid December-Mid March



Your Oregon truffles will be delicious when you first receive them, but for even better flavor store them in your fridge, check them every day watching for them to “sweat” and become more aromatic. At this point they are ripe and at peak flavor.

Oregon Truffle Storage & Handling Tips


How to Store Fresh Truffles - also includes long-term preservation tips.

Shelf Life:

3-4 days.

The awesome aroma of the truffle can be weakened by heat, so that's why we recommend adding truffles late in the cooking process or at the end as a finishing ingredient. Simply shave them raw over your favorite dish like risotto, mashed potatoes, pasta, cheese pizza or even scrambled eggs.

Learn about truffle varieties and get truffle tips and recipes in our comprehensive guide to truffles. Find It Here →

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Bon Vivant!

Ordered the Fresh Black Oregon Truffles on a Monday. Got a call on Wednesday saying there were no fresh ones in on Tuesday, could I wait till Friday. "Heck Yeah!" I said. The personal phone call was a very nice touch. Got my truffles on Friday as informed and Oh. My. God! They are (were, they didn't last long!) the most delectable thing that I have ever had the pleasure of putting in my face!! I am ABSOLUTELY ordering these again! SOON! Risotto, scrambled eggs, steak au poivre, hell even Caesar Salad! I don't want any food that doesn't have these amazing balls of deliciousness sliced all over it ever again!


I am a huge fan/lover of white - black truffles and am accustomed to the smell, upon opening my delivery box from other places - to be blasted with the sweet aromas. Sadly, I did not get this when I opened these 4oz. I, immediately, (as always with my precious gems) took them to a local CHEF. We sampled them - very bland and if you have ever had truffles, I wouldn't even waste the risotto on these. Maybe if I were a 1st timer with truffles, I would be impressed but I am not. I will say, they do have excellent - superb customer service that stays in contact with you about your order. That is a huge plus. I will not order OREGON truffles ever, ever again - but I would order other items from them. I CANNOT blame them for a product they didn't produce. Excellent company. I rank them a 4 because of the responsiveness of their reps and the overall experience and NOT because of this truffle.