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The New York Times called Szechuan & dulce buttons “intriguing” – read the review!

These specialty produce options are all great cocktail mixers, and will allow you to take your mixology to new heights.

Shiso Leaves add a complex herb flavor, interesting shapes and deep colors to drinks. They taste a bit like a mix of fennel & mint.

Sechuan Buttons are perhaps the most unique product in this sampler. Their petals add a little herb flavor, but also carry with them a powerful (but not unpleasant) tingling sensation that will have your guests gasping in wonder. Use them to make your cocktails an experience, not just a drink.

Dulce Leaves are the herbaceous leaves of the dulce button plant. While dulce button flowers are 500 to 1,500 times as sweet as conventional sugar, the leaves are considerably less sweet, with a flavor blending mint, thyme and anise/licorice.

Note: Pregnant women and young children should avoid dulce buttons and leaves.


Storage: Store these ingredients in their plastic clamshells in your refrigerator

Shelf Life: Szechuan Buttons - up to 14 days.

Dulce Leaves - up to 10 days.

Shiso Leaves - up to 5 days.


Shiso and dulce leaf cocktails can be made by muddling or blending the leaves in. Use the them to take herby cocktails like the Mojito in new directions.

Szechuan button cocktails shock and amaze your guests by adding a little electric zing to their drinking experience.

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