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Culinary Favorites Sampler Box

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18 cuts (approximately 14 lbs.) | Free Shipping

Mix it up at mealtime with our affordable “Culinary Favorites Meat Sampler Box.” The selection includes a 4-5 lb. whole organic chicken; four petite tenderloin steaks from grass-fed beef; eight wild boar with roasted garlic and marsala sausages; a 4-rib rack of pastured lamb, and Iberico lomo, pork loin from the prized Spanish breed. Each meat is portioned for four. Box arrives frozen.


4 Grass-Fed Angus Petite Tenderloin Steaks (9-12 oz. each)
1 Whole Organic Chicken (4-5 lbs.)
1 Iberico Lomo (Pork Loin, 2.5 lbs.)
8 Wild Boar with Roasted Garlic and Marsala Sausages (1.5 lbs.)
4 Frenched 4-Rib Lamb Rack (12 oz. each)


  • No Hormone or Antibiotic Growth Promotants
  • Vacuum Packed
  • Frozen (Except Chicken)


US, Spain, New Zealand, Canada

Store frozen meats in your freezer until you're ready to use it, then thaw only as much as you plan on cooking.

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