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Fresh Green Gooseberries

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Relatives of the currant, green gooseberries (aka white gooseberries, mackerel currents, grosets, grosarts) are large grapelike green berries with stripes and tiny hairs. Their flavor is rather tart, but with some sweetness, almost like a sour grape.

Green gooseberries are sometimes called “cooking gooseberries” because they are generally cooked rather than being consumed raw.


Approximately 5 lbs.


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Two Seasons - June-July and January


USA (June-July) and S. Hemisphere (January)


Store gooseberries in a plastic bag in your refrigerator. For long term storage they can be individually frozen & then combined in a large plastic freezer bag.


Freezing Tips

Shelf Life:

A few days fresh, up to a year frozen.

Pair gooseberries with rich meats, game birds, and fish where their tartness will act as a balancing factor, such as venison, goose, mackerel fillets, pork, duck, lamb, and salmon.

They also work well in cream based desserts, tarts, pies and custards. Gooseberry dessert recipes almost always call for a significant amount of sugar to mitigate their tart bite.

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