Frozen Red Gooseberries

5 - 10 lbs.
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These gooseberries are the Hinnamaki Red variety – a deep red gooseberry originally from Finland.  They’re sweeter than many other varieties (though still astringent), making them better suited to eating raw (while green gooseberries are typically cooked).

These gooseberries are individually quick frozen (IQF) for quality and convenience.


Store gooseberries in your freezer until you’re ready to use them, then thaw.

Thawing Tips


Pair gooseberries with rich meats, game birds, and fish where their tartness will act as a balancing factor, such as venison, goose, mackerel fillets, pork, duck, lamb, and salmon.

They also work well in jams, cream based desserts, tarts, pies and custards.

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