White Sapotes

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White sapote (aka zapote blanco) is a delicate, creamy textured fruit native to South & Central America. Its distinctive but mellow flavor evokes mango, banana, lemon, coconut, and/or peach…depending on who you ask.


Approximately 20 sapotes, each about baseball size (about 7-10 lbs.)






Sapotes' thin skin bruises easily, so do not store them with other produce on top. Let them sit at room temperature until ripe (the skin gives to gentle pressure), then consume immediately or refrigerate in a plastic bag.

Freezing white sapote is not recommended, as it can become quite bitter.

Shelf Life:

Up to a week in the refrigerator once ripened.

Sapotes’ thin skin is edible, and can be left on to add a slightly sour note to their flavor. This fruit does contain several large, flat, inedible seeds that should be removed (the number varies from fruit to fruit).

Sapotes can be used raw in salads, smoothies, shakes or purees, but cooking them is not recommended.

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