Kyoho Grapes

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Highly prized (and often expensive) in Japan, large, plump Kyoho grapes are a classic flavor of late summer there. Very sweet, they can be served as a dessert just by themselves that will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. With their beautiful globe shape (nearly 1” in diameter), firm flesh, and purple to black plum-like coloring, they make a spectacular garnish for desserts and salads.

Though Kyoho grapes are a seeded variety, their seeds are small and easy to spit out (like the grapes’ skin, they are edible, but rather bitter).


Approximately 16 lbs.


Late-Spring/Early Summer



Store Kyoho grapes in a perforated plastic bag in your refrigerator.

Kyoho grapes are an unusual variety in that they are most often peeled before consumption. Fortunately their large size and firm flesh makes this rather easy. Simply twist a grape off the stem, and use the stem-hole as a starting point to peel the skin off in large strips.

The easiest (and most traditional) way to enjoy them is peeled, lightly chilled, and served with a small dish for spitting out the seeds.

Kyoho grapes also make show-stopping preserves, as well as delicious juice and desserts.

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