Tiny Crudite Mix

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The vegetables in the Tiny Veggies™ Crudité Mix are generally smaller than a quarter.  Each is attached to a long thin stalk (except the leeks, onions, and celery, of course, which are the stalks themselves) for an impressive presentation.  Their vibrant colors, clear flavors and dainty size can elevate almost any entrée to haute cuisine.

The contents of this mix can vary with the season, but will include several of these vegetables:

Tiny Veggies™ Carrots

Tiny Veggies™ Turnips

Tiny Veggies™ Radishes

Tiny Veggies™ Celery

Tiny Veggies™ Beets

Tiny Veggies™ Parsnips

Tiny Veggies™ Leeks

Tiny Veggies™ Onions

They can be served raw, but most chefs gently cook them to brighten their colors and make them even more tender.



Store Tiny Veggies™ in your refrigerator in their plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

Up to a month.


The Tiny Veggies™ of the crudite mix are often roasted or sautéed for additional color, flavor, and tenderness (try pre-blanching them before sauteing - how to blanch Tiny Veggies™). However, for a lighter, brighter result they can also be carefully steamed just enough to heighten their colors and tenderize them.

Because Tiny Veggies™ are so small, they overcook easily, so keep close watch on them to ensure they don’t loose their vibrancy and texture.

Cooked Tiny Veggies™ are often served as a vegetable side dish, so that they really catch the eye. However, you could also use them as garnishes for a variety of dishes like salads, risotto, soups and more.

To turn them into an exciting appetizer, lightly dress them with a homemade vinaigrette or tempura-fry them whole.

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