Micro Hearts On Fire™

4 oz - 16 oz
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Hearts On Fire™ are a variety of microgreens with a citrusy flavor and a jaw-dropping appearance.  Rich green heart-shaped leaves sport stunning bright purple-red veins that exert an irresistible pull on the diner’s eye.

Hearts On Fire™ have a juicy-crispness and sour/mineral/citrus flavor that is adaptable to a wide variety of dishes.  Use them to garnish any citrus-friendly entrees to add great color & flavor to salads, or even to garnish desserts.



Store Hearts On Fire™ in your refrigerator in its plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

In general, microgreens will stay fresh for 5-7 days. Some hardier varieties can last longer.


Use Hearts On Fire™ to garnish beverages, desserts, appetizers, fruit plates, fruit salads, ice cream, sorbet, green salads, entrees or hors d’oeuvre platters.

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