Petite Season's Mix™

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The Petite Season’s Mix™ is a colorful, varied blend of 15-20 herbs and greens selected from those currently at their peak on the farm.  This mix makes it incredibly easy to create beautiful garnishes and micro salads right out of the clamshell.

The greens and herbs in this mix are considered “petitegreens.”  This means that they are somewhat older than a microgreen/microherb, making them larger and more impressive while offering fairly similar flavor and tenderness to a true microgreen.


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Store Petite Season’s Mix™ in your refrigerator in its plastic clamshell.

Shelf Life:

Petitegreens will stay fresh for 10-20 days depending on the variety.

The Petitegreens Season’s Mix™ is incredibly easy to use, because you really can’t go wrong. It can be enjoyed as an instant micro salad lightly dressed with a simple vinaigrette, or as a topping for almost any dish, particularly meats and seafood.

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