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“Confit” is a cooking method that has historically been applied to pork and poultry like ducks and geese.  Though today the term is used for other things simmered in fat, these duck legs are the classical dish: salt cured duck slow cooked in its own fat, then packed covered in more of that fat.  Duck confit is a particular specialty of southern France and was originally developed as a one of the world’s oldest preservation techniques.

Today duck confit continues to be made and used by top chefs (particularly French chefs) because of its delightful flavor.  The confit process results in duck legs that are even more tender and flavorful than they were before.  Duck confit is enjoyed hot, cold, and as a seasoning ingredient in other dishes (often as you would use bacon for additional flavor and moisturizing fat).


6 legs per pack. Choose 2 vacuum sealed packs (5 lbs.) or 4 vacuum sealed packs (10 lbs.)


  • Pre-Cooked
  • Bone In
  • Skin On




Duck Leg, Rendered Duck Fat, Garlic, Shallots, Salt, Sugar and Spices


Store duck confit in your refrigerator.

Shelf Life:

Unopened packages will last up to 6 weeks.

Duck confit is often pulled off the bone and shredded before being served.  Cold it is a delightful addition to most salads, but it can also be added to hot dishes like pizza, pasta, and that legendary French classic: cassoulet.

Pair duck confit with ingredients like wild mushrooms (particularly porcinis), Roquefort cheese, peas, white beans (flageolets, cannellini beans, or great northern beans), red wine vinegar, shallots, fresh peas, beets or Dijon mustard.

Want to make cassoulet with your duck confit but worried that it’s too difficult?  Check out our “quick” cassoulet recipe for home chefs!

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