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Fresh Lavender Blossoms

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Lavender blossoms are small, intensely aromatic purple flowers on long stalks that can be used as a decoration or an ingredient in everything from ice cream to savory dishes featuring lamb or rabbit.

We also offer bulk lavender stalks, which are sold as an herb rather than an edible flower.

Note: high temperatures in growing regions can damage the flowers (causing browning) - as a result, there is a chance that we may be unable to ship this product during the summer.


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Shipping Limitations:

Lavender blossom orders require 2-3 days advance notice before shipping.


Fresh lavender should be stored in a plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper drawer.

For long term storage of lavender, we recommend freezing the sprigs.

Freezing Tips

Freezing will make the lavender go limp, so it won’t be useful as a garnish, but it will retain its flavor.

Shelf Life:

Up to 1 week refrigerated, several months frozen

Lavender has a very strong flavor and aroma, so care must be taken not to let it overwhelm the rest of your dish.

Flavors lavender pairs well with include: fruit, cream (particularly in ice creams, custards and crème anglaise), dark chocolate, goat cheese (like Humboldt Fog), honey, tea, butter (in shortbread or compound butter), lamb and rabbit.

Fresh lavender blossoms make a beautiful garnish, and can be candied (how to candy flowers).

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