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Lavender is an extremely potent herb that plays a prominent role in the famous French herb blend, Herbes de Provence. Intensely floral in both scent and flavor, it works well in desserts (particularly custards and shortbread), can be steeped in beverages, and can be added to strong flavored stews and soups.

The scent of lavender is generally considered to have a calming effect.

There are roughly 40 stalks per pound. The length of this lavender can vary from roughly 3 to 8 inches. This bulk lavender is fine-dining restaurant quality, so it is fresher and higher quality than the fresh herbs found in most grocery stores.

We also offer bulk dried lavender buds.

Note: This lavender is sold as an herb rather than as an edible flower. As such, the number of buds you receive can fluctuate depending on the time of year. Buds may be present in spring, but will be somewhat or completely absent from the stems in the rest of the year (especially in winter). If you would like to ensure you receive lavender buds in your order, please contact us prior to ordering.


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Fresh lavender should be stored in a plastic bag in your refrigerator crisper drawer.

For long term storage of lavender, we recommend freezing the sprigs individually using the method described in How to Freeze Better at Home. Freezing will make the lavender go limp, so it won’t be useful as a garnish, but it will retain its flavor.

Shelf Life:

Up to 1 week refrigerated, several months frozen.

Lavender has a very strong flavor and aroma, so care must be taken not to let it overwhelm the rest of your dish.

Flavors lavender pairs well with include: fruit, cream (particularly in ice creams, custards and crème anglaise), dark chocolate, goat cheese (like Humboldt Fog), honey, tea, butter (in shortbread or compound butter), lamb and rabbit.

Lavender can be steeped in heated vinegar to make lavender vinegar, useful as a condiment or ingredient in dishes or gastrique sauces (particularly for desserts).

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